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disabled the Arena. Discord channel, backers, please make sure you join our Discord channel. Your unique invitation is in the email that code romwe reduction was sent to you.

Feel free to join the conversation and post any questions in this thread. Many of these changes are the result of exhaustive testing, iteration, and balancing. There will be no more account wipes. We apologize for any confusion, and this has since been corrected in our emails to backers. The Abrakam team has been working very hard over the past few years to get to this point.

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Expect it to come back eventually, when it's ready. I should be receiving multiple keys, but have only received one. Your progress from this point on will be saved. You will still be getting those, if you were a groupon vetement veste femme backer at those levels. Sorry for the inconvenience. A lot of these didn't get sent off on the first wave, but are being sent out today (February 18th). Gold and action points have been removed. In light of this, if you wish to cancel the cosmetic coupon you used and instead receive the Full Collection coupon, please contact with your username and the coupon you used. The code is: FaeriaKripp. We are getting a few reports that the email may be ending up there. I am a Kickstarter backer, but did not receive any email. Please email with your issue if you have not.

faeria code coupon

You'll receive 4 free chests.
Type it ingame in the Coupon redeem bar in the shop.
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